About us


Arrow Publications Pvt. Ltd. is among India’s leading publishers of school textbooks, with over 500 publications used as classroom texts in more than 12,000 schools across India.

Established in the year 2000, by a group of enterprising young people, Arrow Publications has emerged as a major publishing presence with textbooks that support various school board curricula, in almost every subject, and at every level, starting from pre primary school till high school. Arrow Publications also provides customized textbooks, tailored to suit the needs of some chain of schools.

Besides publishing, Arrow Publications conducts all India online competitions and other events, both for teachers and students, with ‘The Hindu’ as its knowledge partner.

In addition, refresher courses and workshops are organized for principals and teachers of schools on English language teaching, science, life skills and mathematics.

Arrow Publications, an ISO 9001-2015 certified company is now synonymous with high quality, with every book embodying the highest standards of excellence in terms of its content, design, presentation and printing. The content for the books is researched thoroughly, carefully selected and attractively designed by the production team of Arrow Publications.

In addition, Arrow Publications has been rated by CRISIL as a publishing house with the highest operating performance, indicating high creditworthiness in relation to other micro and small enterprises.

The highly pro-active and professional marketing team of Arrow Publications makes sure that the books are perfectly positioned in the market to reach the target audience. Thanks to the overwhelming response, continued patronage and support to Arrow Books by principals, and teachers across schools in India, Arrow Publications is surely a name to reckon with.


C.V.B. Krishna

Managing Director

C.V.B. Krishna, Managing Director, with his vast experience in publishing for over two decades has been actively involved in all areas such as production, marketing, sales and accounts of all the publications. He plays a key role in co-ordinating and managing the company.

C.V.B. Krishna supports development of new materials by identifying opportunities for new product development. He also supports marketing efforts to expand the reach of publications. He has been instrumental in taking several initiatives to create a strong brand identity for Arrow Publications.

P. Srinivasa Rao


P. Srinivasa Rao, Director, plays a vital role in co-ordinating and managing the affairs of the organisation, in particular the marketing section. He has helped develop a highly professional team with his relentless efforts and strategies.

Endowed with a gift of the gab and a natural flair for marketing, he has been an inspiration to the Arrow team all along. His confident and optimistic demeanour coupled with excellent communication skills has helped him to have an edge in a highly competitive market.

Chukkala Suresh


Chukkala Suresh, Director, has been the guiding and the driving force of Arrow Publications, contributing to its success since 2000.

A team builder, gifted with inter-personal skills, he has been a source of motivation and inspiration to everybody. His clear understanding of market need, trend and potential has helped Arrow Publications to make a mark in the highly competitive publishing industry.

G. Subba Rao


G. Subba Rao, Director, has been co-ordinating with the production team, since the inception of the company.He ensures that the books are produced on schedule and meet the highest possible standards of excellence.

G. Subba Rao, with his expertise in designing, takes the onus of bringing the books to a perfect finish. Known for his meticulous and diligent style of working, he has been an asset to the organisation, and a force to be reckoned with.