Books Trove

BOOKS TROVE, is one of the largest Book Distributing Companies in India. We are  Publishers, Distributors and Wholesalers of School Books and Children’s Books,  as well as General and Reference Books.

It feels great to present to you the latest Library Catalogue 2018-19. Our 30 years of expertise in this trade has enabled us to give our valued customers a better collection and a wide range of books for all age groups, published across the globe.

This catalogue includes carefully selected books for the school library on all subjects from various publishers for different age groups. We have tried to indicate the age group for most of the books.

All these books are created with a view to impart values in children and closely follow the principle of contemporary childhood. Our effort has been throughout to make reading a pleasure and a habit for the young learners.

An ORDER FORM has been attached at the end of the catalogue.

We also supply books as per your list.

Looking forward to your valuable orders and inputs.

Happy Reading