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January 23, 2019
Lots Of Art & Activity – 3
January 23, 2019
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Lots Of Art & Activity – 2


Lots Of Art & Activity – 2
Class – 2nd
Pages – 40

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Description: “Art is always linked to simple coloring. LOTS OF ART & ACTIVITY series gives you a new look of it. Its parts A, B, C, 1 to 5 will give you a total new experience of enjoyment with introduction of new concepts of coloring. Its each part is made with the motto of developing creativity. Its main features are:- Simple drawing, Various concepts of coloring, Attractive backgrounds, Paper folding, Craft work, Collage, Spray painting, Impression art. We are sure that our effort will open children to new world of art and activity and surely they would not take it as just a time pass after introducing to our books.”

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